South African Mining Strikes Less Costly Than Previous Disputes

Chinese coal imports fell in August and mining strikes in South Africa last year were not as costly as those in previous years.

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Chinese Coal Imports

China imported 6.39 million metric tons of coal from its top supplier, Australia in August, down 12.8% year-on-year as low domestic prices squeezed imports, data from the customs authority showed on Monday. Australian imports fell 21.8% compared to July. For the first 8 months of the year, China’s total coal imports were 48.64 mmt, down 20.4% compared to the same year-ago period.

South African Mining Strike Less Costly

Strikes cost South Africa 6 billion rand, or $453 million, in wages in 2014, lower than the previous year despite a record 5-month strike in the mining sector, a report published by South Africa’s Department of Labour showed on Monday. In its annual report on strikes in Africa’s most advanced economy, the department found they cost the country last year 9% less than the 6.7 billion rand lost in 2013.

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