October Tin Price Forecast: Ancient UK Mine to Reopen?

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coppermineSouth Crofty, a once prolific tin mine located near Redruth in the UK, has been shut down for nearly 20 years but that soon may change.

Full-pocketed foreign investors recently met with local councillors to discuss reopening the tin mine there after it closed in the late ’90s due to plummeting tin prices and despite an abundance of natural mineral resources valued in the billions.

“There is a fortune down there underground,” Councillor Malcolm Moyle told the Western Morning News. “The question is about getting it out as cheaply and efficiently as possible and that is the issue at the moment.”

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Moyle stands apart as the most optimistic booster of tin mining returning to the region in the near future. It has been one hurdle after another for South Crofty since it closed in 1998 with Western United Mines currently owning the site.

Kevin Williams, mine manager of WUM at South Crofty, told the news source that a reopening of the mine will make a positive impact on both the local and national economies.

What About Tin Prices, Though?

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that tin prices are flat following the return of China-based traders following a national holiday. This situation weighed on copper prices, however, as they dipped due to this recent activity.

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