2016 Lead Price Forecast: Going the Way of Other Industrial Metals

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slider-annualoutlook-blue2016For the past several years, lead has been in a good place. A surplus along with stable production versus usage combined to create a stable environment for lead while many other industrial metals found themselves in a volatile price situation.

But with 2015 being the year of the bear, so to speak, lead has found itself in the same situation as many other industrial metals, which brings us to 2016.

We’ve identified the main price drivers for lead next year as:

  1. China GDP & PMI data
  2. China automotive demand
  3. Dollar to Euro xchange rate
  4. Supply/demand balance

For a long-term industrial buying strategy for lead, complete with specific support and resistance levels, download your complimentary copy of our 2016 Annual Metals Outlook report!

This report also includes commodities markets and industrial metals market analysis, in addition to key price drivers and commentary on aluminum, nickel, copper, zinc, tin and various forms of steel, in addition to lead.

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