Get the Most from Your Long-Term Supplier Relationships: Upcoming Webinar!

intesource-webinar-bannerHow can you both challenge and manage your long-term supplier relationships to get the most from your suppliers? What are the new strategies available to you for cost containment? How do you achieve stakeholder buy-in? These are all important questions for our MetalMiner™ audience and the answers could come from an unlikely place: The retail and grocery industries.

Join sister site Spend Matters, and Price Chopper Supermarkets for the upcoming webinar, Sourcing Meets Supplier Relationships in Retail and Grocery, Wednesday, March 9 at 12 p.m. CST. You’ll learn:

  • What is the role of e-sourcing managed services (and support) in an overall strategy? When is it a fit? Or not. 
  • Areas of improvement for sourcing processes: Getting the most out of your supplier relationships
  • What we can all learn (regardless of industry) from unique tips and tactics based on the retail and grocery procurement environment

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