NASCC: Cold-Rolled Sections Tool Added to Advance Steel

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Today, at the American Institute of Steel Construction‘s North American Steel Construction Conference in Orlando, engineering software provider Autodesk announced new capabilities for its Advance Steel steel detailing software.

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The new additions include an automatic parametric tool for inserting cold-rolled steel sections, such as purlins and side rails, and their corresponding steel connections.


The new cold-rolled cold-rolled sections tool in Advance Steel 2017. Source: Autodesk.

Components can be selected from default vendors available in the application or other vendors can be added by users. The default cold-rolled section vendors are Lysaght, Strammit, Dimond (fastBrace and channel) and MetalCraft (standard and camlock).

The Advance Steel 2017 Extension for Autodesk’s parametric building information modeling program, Revit can now be downloaded and installed from Autodesk’s App Store website. The 2017 extension comes with a set of enhancements that offer a higher level of building model information exchange, especially with synchronization for Revit models containing steel connections back and forth with Advance Steel.

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In the 2017 version, Revit will now support the level of development (LOD) 300 and 400 specifications directly in the program. The LOD spec is a reference standard that enables practitioners in the AEC industry to specify and articulate with a high level of clarity the content and reliability of BIM data at various stages in the design and construction process. Here is a rundown of what the different levels (100, 200, 300, 400) mean.

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