April Tin Price Forecast: Malaysian State to Explore Tin Mining

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Tin cansPerak, one of 13 Malaysian states, recently announced plans to jumpstart its tin mining industry in order to boost its income.

According to a recent report from The Malay Mail, Perak’s local government granted the industry approval for tin ore exploration in the region and, once identified, license to mine the metal-rich areas.

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Political opposition to this recent announcement centers around allegations the state government intends to devote significant parcels of land to the tin mining effort. However, government officials denied this claim, stating that often mining companies request far more land than where they actually find tin deposits.

Tin Prices Rally

Just this week, our own Raul de Frutos wrote that tin and zinc are not leading the recent metals rally.

De Frutos wrote: “To believe this bear market is over, we would need to see these metals making significant upside moves. So far we are not seeing that.”

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