Steel Prices Scored Major Gains in April: Claim Your Long-Term Outlook, Compliments of MetalMiner™

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.37.41 AMApril was a huge month for steel prices. What appeared to be a rally lead by anti-dumping actions has turned into something more powerful due, in part, to a rebound in demand from China.

“It is now clear that China has unleashed a renewed government stimulus program in the form of credit expansion and infrastructure build. This could have a bullish impact on commodity prices like we saw during the 2009-10 China stimulus program,” said Lisa Reisman, executive editor, MetalMiner™. “Some suggest it (the stimulus) will be over this year because China doesn’t want to encourage another speculative property bubble. But the Chinese have a history of extending stimulus measures beyond original time frames.”

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