US Places Tariffs on More Imports of Welded Carbon Steel Pipe

Recently, the Department of Commerce announced affirmative preliminary determinations in the anti-dumping duty investigations of imports of circular welded carbon-quality steel pipe from Oman, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.

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Pakistan got hit with 11.8% initial anti-dumping duties, Oman’s Al Jazeera Steel Products (and all other producers) received 7.86% duties from U.S. Customs and Border Protection when attempting to import its products, producers in the UAE received dumping rates from 6.10% to 9.25%, Pakistan was judged to deserve dumping margins of 11.8% and Vietnam received a whopping nationwide dumping rate of 113.18%.

drillpipe stacked near rig
Why is Al Jazeera Steel fighting dumping margins of just 11.8%? Source: Adobe Stock

This isn’t the first time circular welded carbon-quality steel pipe has come up in the dumping wars. It’s not even Pakistan’s first turn at the welded carbon steel pipe dumping merry go round.

What’s different about this dumping investigation is at least one of the nations is threatening to fight back and is nearly thumbing its national nose at Commerce.

Al Jazeera Steel Products of Oman, not to be confused with the now-defunct American TV network, is strongly contesting this preliminary dumping margin and believes that, even if it does stand, the determined margin will not have material impact on the company’s revenue and profit.

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This is the second time the U.S. has gone after Oman over dumping of steel pipe. But what about the second part of the oil emirate’s statement? 7.86% is not a high dumping percentage. Unless Al Jazeera Steel knows something we don’t, it would seem that drawing out this litigation wouldn’t be worth the lawyers’ fees for either side.

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