The Brexit Dominoes Fall: What’s Next for North American Manufacturers?

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Road signs EU and BREXITBrexit is not a stagnant event. It is dynamic and will continue to introduce ripples and waves to the global geopolitical climate for years to come.

North American Manufacturing will need to continue to monitor and keep its finger on the pulse of Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, because the ongoing effects will have a long-lasting impact on metal prices and direct materials sourcing.

Join U.K.-based Editor-at-Large Stuart Burns and U.S.-based Executive Editor Lisa Reisman on Wednesday, July 13 at 10 a.m. CDT for Brexit, North American Manufacturers & Metal Prices: What’s Next?

Covered will be:

  • The geopolitical risks involving Brexit and your direct materials sourcing
  • A Brexit timeline from the final vote to today and into the future
  • The impact Brexit has and will continue to have on metal prices

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