Extension or Decision in U.S. Steel Section 337 Case Expected This Week

The steel industry is awaiting a decision this week by the U.S. International Trade Commission on whether U.S. Steel‘s 337 petition, an attempt to block all Chinese carbon and alloy steel from entering the U.S. market, should continue to be investigated or be suspended.

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Friday, Aug. 5 marks the 30-day statutory deadline for the ITC to rule on a suspension order, although the ITC can give itself an extension. The ITC could decide to uphold Administrative Law Judge Dee Lord’s temporary suspension order issued July 6, overturn her order or do nothing.

Lord temporarily suspended the investigation on the grounds that at least two issues raised in the case fall under the Commerce Department‘s purview, and that there was no record Commerce was notified of the ITC investigation.

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U.S. Steel has requested  that the ITC issue a permanent limited exclusion order and cease-and-desist orders for Chinese steelmakers. It’s also seeking a general exclusion order from the ITC barring all unfairly traded Chinese steel products that are manufactured abroad, sold for importation, or sold in the U.S. after importation.

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  • Please for the love of God and country. Stop the steel dumping. Or would you rather have more US citizens out of work.


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