SSAB Plugs Hot ‘New’ Metal, While Aluminum Extruders Council Fights China

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SSAB released a new high-temperature steel in its Hardox line, well suited to abrasive conditions in hot environments, back in April.

But evidently they REALLY want buyers and manufacturers to know about it, as their message hit the wires again today.

According to SSAB Product Manager Jenny Brandberg Hurtig, Hardox HiTemp wear plate’s “high temperature performance is achieved by using high-quality raw material in combination with a carefully controlled manufacturing process.

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Hardox HiTemp can be cut, welded, machined and cold formed by the same kind of workshop machinery and technology as other Hardox grades and conventional steel.

All this adds up to making Hardox HiTemp an ideal choice for high temperature wear applications in many areas—particularly in process industries such as steel, cement and coal power plants, and recycling and asphalt industries.”

AEC Ups the Fight vs. China Aluminum Subsidies

According to a recent press release, over the last nine months, U.S. primary aluminum capacity has plummeted by more than 60% – with more than 3,000 Americans losing their jobs as a result.

For that reason, the Aluminum Extruders Council is working harder to fight against illegal Chinese subsidies of primary aluminum by ‘joining in partnership with Century Aluminum, Brazeway, and the United Steelworkers Union to continue the China Trade Task Force’s (CTTF) call for action to remedy the problems caused by China’s excess capacity.’

“We can’t wait around any longer,” said CTTF Executive Director Mark Duffy, according to the release. “China’s illegal trade practices are crippling the U.S. aluminum market. The addition of AEC to our coalition sends a strong message that it is time for serious action, because American workers and their families don’t have time to waste.”

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