Greatest #TBT Ever: Chicago Cubs Are Finally World Champions

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I had to go through the contemporary equivalent of ritually collecting newspapers’ front pages, and here’s the local’s effort (all the more fitting due to their parent company’s past ownership of the Cubs). Note the time – 1:28 a.m. ET. A long, yet exhilarating, night. Go Cubs Go!

The entire city of Chicago, our company headquarters included, is still in shock.

The lovable, perennially losing NorthSiders overcame the Curse of the Goat and so many other obstacles to take it all: The Chicago Cubs are, at last, World Series champions after 108 years.

Jayson Stark of ESPN put it best when he quipped, “It was suddenly possible to type a sentence that no living human has ever typed: The Chicago Cubs are the champions of baseball.”

I’m still coming out of a wonderful coma-like aftermath of emotions, having watched every pitch and vacillating between several elements of superstition (standing near the TV for top halves of innings, sitting in armchair for bottom halves since Game 5, among several others…don’t ask) as the Cubs and Indians’ seesaw battle jacked my heart rate up and knotted my neck-and-shoulder muscles in the early morning hours.

The fearless leader of our sister site Spend Matters, Jason Busch, wrote this excellent post-mortem earlier today, so head over there to read a great personal story of the Cubs’ triumph.

But first, share in this #TBT to when my colleague, MetalMiner Editor Jeff Yoders, and I did our parts last season in helping lay the literal groundwork for this 2016 victory:

Music: “All Those Devils…” by Holy Pain (

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