December MMI: The Charge of the Metals Bulls Continues

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MM-IndX_TRENDS_Chart_December2016_FNL-TOPVALUE100If you read MetalMiner, it’s no surprise to you that the industrial metals bull run took off in a major way this month. Copper rose nearly 17% to edge out the Raw Steels MMI (up 14%) as our December big winner, but even the metals that lost a little ground (aluminum and our global precious index) pared their losses below 3% on the MetalMiner Indx.

The industrial metals picture looks a lot more upbeat than it did just two months ago, but markets are fluid things. When will commodities and the surging U.S. dollar (the dollar index hit a new high Thursday) uncouple? Can the optimism last? What will higher interest rates mean in the new year?

We hope you made your purchases before prices took off and we’ll be here in 2017 and beyond to advise you on how to buy industrial metals in this bull market.


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