Lead Prices Will Trade at $2,800 By Year’s End

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The 3-month London Metal Exchange lead price is still climbing. Source: Fastmarkets.com.

Lead has had a pretty wild ride over the past few months. After a big run in 2016, prices sold off in December, offering buyers a great opportunity to buy the metal as prices pulled back.

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Prices are now back near new highs as bulls seem to be taking control again. For reasons we’ll see below, we expect momentum to pick up again on the upside.

Global Lead Refined Production and Usage. Source: MetalMiner IndX.

According to the International Lead and Zinc Study Group, in 2016 refined lead supply exceeded demand by 11,000 metric tons in the global market.

The refined market is now near balance after seen a 32,000 mt surplus in 2015. In addition, a supply shortfall narrative is developing for this year.

Mine Output Continues to Decline

World lead mine production steadily declines. Source: MetalMiner analysis of ILZSG data.

Although a deficit is still not visible in the refined market, global lead mine output continued to decline last year. In 2016, there was a sharp decrease in Australian lead mine output mainly as a consequence of the closure of the Century mine in 2015 and a 100,000 mt cutback in lead output at some Glencore operations. These reductions were partially balanced by a rise in China resulting in an overall global decline of 1.3%.

Treatment charges, “which is what smelters charge miners for transforming raw material into refined metal, are the best indicator of what is happening in the concentrates part of the supply chain,” writes Reuters’ Andy Home. Lead treatment charges have plummeted over the past few months. They are currently below $20 per mt, from $80 just three months ago. Home notes that lead is catching up with its cousin zinc, in which the deficit for refined metal is more obvious.

In 2017 investors will be closely monitoring China’s numbers. The slump in treatment charges and the fact that China must get serious about controlling industrial metals output to solve its pollution problem could result in lower lead refined output this year.

What This Means For Metal Buyers

As with zinc, it might only be “a matter of time before the squeeze on raw materials translates into a squeeze on refined metal,” writes Home.

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Prices are currently holding well and could be setting up for another rally after digesting last year’s gains. Given the ongoing bullishness across industrial metals, we could see lead hitting $2,800/mt by year-end.

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  1. Nick Carriveau says:

    I have a number of 5 lb lead ingots, some are round and some are hexagonal. They are marked National Lead, Fry and Asarco. Is there anyone that could tell me what their value would be?

  2. Dr. Chris H says:

    They will be worth what someone will pay for them. Such as a fisherman who wants to make sinkers/jigs, or a hunter who wants to make bullets. These type of people would be your best bet to sell your pb above the market value per pound of pb. Currently, the rate is about $1.00 per pound, give or take a few cents. You should be able to get three to four times that value from the pb using hobbyist.

  3. ENGINEER says:



  4. Tim Findlay says:

    can you deal with lead glass?

  5. allen says:

    hello i have 1775 lbs of clean led, it is one big piece. is there a market for this amount. what would be a good price to ask for it.

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