Lead Price Forecast: South Korea Leads the Way in 2016 Production

Macro photo of a piece of lead ore

The International Lead and Zinc Study Group released its initial lead findings for February, and found that in 2016, supply exceeded demand in the global market for the refined metal.
Furthermore, lead inventories reported by the London Metal Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange and consumers and producers during that same period of time increased, as well.
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The ILZSG report elaborated: “There was a sharp decrease in Australian lead mine output mainly as a consequence of the closure of the Century mine in 2015 and cutbacks in output at some Glencore operations. Production was also lower in India and Mexico. However, these reductions were partially balanced by a rise in China resulting in an overall global decline of 1.3%.”
However, world refined lead metal production actually increased 2.4% in 2016. This was mostly attributed to the Republic of Korea (South Korea) commissioning a new primary lead plant in 2015.

Lead Price Momentum on High in 2017

According to a recent piece from our own Raul de Frutos, after a strong run in 2016, lead prices pulled back to close the year. However, prices have since recovered and Raul predicts they will trade at $2,800 by the end of this year.
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“(Lead prices) are currently below $20 per metric ton, from $80 just three months ago. In this respect, lead is playing catch-up with its cousin zinc, in which the deficit for refined metal is more obvious. In 2017 investors will be closely monitoring China’s numbers. The slump in treatment charges and the fact that China must get serious about controlling industrial metals output to solve its pollution problem could result in lower lead refined output this year.”
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