Copper Price Forecast: New Mine Opening Just in Time

Set of copper pipes of different diameter lying in one heap

The newly opened Cobre Panama mine in Central America could begin copper production as early as 2018 and reach full throttle by the end of 2019, which would be a much needed supply boost for a copper market that is set for its first deficit in six years and could be in shortage through 2020.
According to a recent post from Bloomberg, mine disruptions led to copper prices growing roughly 25% over the past six months. Demand in China and a boost in U.S. infrastructure have made copper the biggest gainer in Bloomberg’s Commodity Index.
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“Good copper projects are scarce at these prices,” First Quantum President Clive Newall told Bloomberg in a phone interview Monday from London. “There is an incentive price to build new greenfield sites, which is significantly above the current price.”
A Citigroup report added that copper prices need to rise another 15% to about $6,700 a ton before mining companies commit to new greenfield projects, which translates to the industry not likely boosting capital spending until 2019.

Copper Prices Drop this Week

Hit by a supply overload, multiple sources are reporting that copper prices fell to a two-month low this week.
Wrote Leia Toovey for the Economic Calendar:
“Factors adding pressure to copper include a higher U.S. dollar, disappointing import data from China and a pile-up of LME-tracked inventories. Also, on Thursday BHP Billiton said it was considering bringing in temporary workers to bring some copper production back online that has been impacted by the strike at its Escondida copper mine.”
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