Lead Price Forecast, March 2017: Up Slightly

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Macro photo of a piece of lead ore

Lead prices grew 0.7% at the beginning of the week, reaching $2,290 per metric ton, while sister metal zinc rose 0.4% to $2,875 per mt.

This data, reported by Reuters, is trending in line with our own Raul de Frutos’ projections that lead prices will trade at $2,800/mt by the end of the year. The metal has fluctuated fairly wildly over the past several months following a significant run throughout most of 2016.

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de Frutos stated: “Prices are now back near new highs as bulls seem to be taking control again.”

He added that lead prices are currently holding well and could be ready for another rally, thus the anticipation for a $2,800/mt by the end of 2017.

Lead Prices Still Have a Ways to Go

“Lead treatment charges have plummeted over the past few months. They are currently below $20 per mt, from $80 just three months ago. In this respect, lead is playing catch-up with its cousin zinc, in which the deficit for refined metal is more obvious.”

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