Aluminum Price Forecast, April 2017: Volatility Lies Ahead

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Liquid metal

The Chinese aluminum industry has been able to cut costs by essentially selling liquid metal to nearby product manufacturers. Source: Adobe Stock/Kybele.

The head of aluminum for Rio Tinto Group is making a bold prediction: prices for the metal are heading for an “extremely” volatile crossroads.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Alfredo Barrios cites uncertainty with the timing of China curbing production, which will further serve to keep investors on the edge of their seats.

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“That’s really where the uncertainty is at the moment,” Barrios told Bloomberg in an interview at their Toronto office. “There’s no doubt that if you look at the supply side, if you look at the environmental issues, sooner or later that will change. But when is a question mark.”

China continues its fight against pollution by ordering to reduce steel and aluminum output in more than two dozen northern cities.

Aluminum Price Impacted by Overcapacity, High Inventory

Barrios added that overcapacity and high inventory could impact aluminum price increases in the near future.

“There’s a number of factors which will dampen any price increase if it goes too far,” he told the news source. “If you look at what are the fundamental reasons behind why prices are where they are, and how different they are from a year ago, it’s sometimes very difficult to see what has made aluminum be higher at all. What’s changed so radically in the last year?”

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