Tin Price Forecast, April 2017: Tin Mine the Target for Lithium Company

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Lithium Australia is making inroads to Germany for a joint venture with Deutsche Rohstoff, parent company of Tin International, in an attempt to uncover lithium in the region for production purposes.

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According to a recent report from Business News, the key piece in the venture is Tin International’s Sadisdorf Tin deposit, a globally renowned Altenberg mine, which has been dormant since 1991 following 500 years of production. The mine is believed to contain a lithium-rich mica that is suited for Lithium Australia’s proprietary extraction means.

Adrian Griffin, managing director at Lithium Australia said, “The joint venture with Tin International provides Lithium Australia with a low-cost entry into an established JORC resource, albeit originally established for tin.”

“There is little doubt that a substantial Lithium inventory also exists and the focus of the joint venture is to fast-rack the project to feasibility,” he added. “The experience provided by Tin International will be a key element in expediting the evaluation process and we are pleased to have them as a partner.”

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