Nickel Price Forecast, June 2017: Growing Demand, Curtailed Supply Key in Price Spike

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Nickel has been in the throes of a long bear market, but there are reasons to be optimistic about a price bounceback for this industrial metal.

According to a recent report from the Financial Times, demand from China and the electric car battery market heating up could spur a nickel price boost in the coming months.

However, investors should still exercise caution.

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“True, there are plenty of negatives out there,” writes Alan Livsey for the Financial Times. “Supply growth from smelters in China and Indonesia has yet to abate. Forced destocking from end users and traders has made matters worse. Goldman Sachs expects net supply growth will nearly triple in 2018 from the estimated 37,000 tonnes this year.”

Livsey added if supply can be curtailed and demand grows as projected, nickel’s once low reputation with investors could see a significant change in direction.

Are Commodities as a Whole ‘Losing their Roar’?

Our own Irene Martinez Canorea recently wrote how June has not been particularly kind to metal producers, beginning with the U.S. Federal Reserve spiking interest rates up by 0.25%.

She writes: “The most recent Fed rate hike breathed a little life into the dollar, which has fallen for most of this year. We believe this could have a direct impact on the metals industry — namely, causing prices to fall.”

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