Tin Price Forecast, July 2017: A Brief Sign of Growth

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Tin prices strengthened on the non-ferrous metals market this week as a result of stockist purchases due to firm demand from alloy industries.

According to a report from the Business Standard, tin joined copper cable scrap, zinc and copper wire bar as having also moved up due to growing demand from their industrial bases.

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This growth may only be temporary, as our own Irene Martinez Canorea wrote just last month that the outlook remains bearish for the tin metal market.

She wrote that, similar to its sister metals, tin prices declined starting from the beginning of June. A market analysis of tin prices and trading activity indicates a more bearish outcome for the metal.

Canorea wrote: “According to the International Tin Research Institute (ITRI), the fluctuation of tin stocks has varied based upon tin prices in the market. Indonesian exports remain robust, with an increase of 10% in May compared to April. However, Myanmar tin exports decreased slightly again in May. This reduction of Myanmar output is expected to continue until the end of this year, as analyzed in detail in our monthly forecast reports.”

China Influencing Tin Prices

Canorea also noted that tin prices may also be impacted by the approval of a new Chinese policy that will directly affect the largest tin-producing company in China.

She added: “This policy consists of the removal of the valued-added tax (VAT) structure, which taxes imports of tin concentrates and was supposed to provide a tax rebate of 17% on exports. The catch? Exporters were never able to collect the rebate, so they ended up buying tin exclusively from domestic sources.”

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