Zinc Price Forecast, July 2017: Reported Inventories Declining


The International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) released its first half of 2017 findings for zinc, which found the worldwide market for refined zinc metal was in deficit during the first five months of the year while total reported inventories declined over that same time frame.
The ILZSG reported that world zinc mine production grew by 6.3% despite reductions in the United States and Australia.
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“A significant 54.8% rise in Indian refined zinc metal output was largely offset by reductions in Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Peru and Thailand resulting in an overall global increase of 0.4%,” the ILZSG report stated.
Furthermore, after a significant decrease in 2016, apparent demand for refined zinc metal in the United States grew 19%. In China, apparent usage declined by 2.8% and grew 1.8% in Europe. On a global basis, zinc demand grew 1.1%.
The ILZSG report on zinc concluded: “Chinese imports of zinc contained in zinc concentrates amounted to 477kt, a rise of 27.9% compared to the same period of 2016. The country’s net imports of refined zinc metal decreased by 48.4% to 129kt.”

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