This Morning in Metals: Precious Metal Prices Fall, H2O as Renewable Energy Source?

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This morning in metals, the U.S. dollar index is up, while gold and silver prices are on a downward trend and oil prices dip slightly from Monday’s high. In addition, there’s a very intriguing potential source of renewable energy on the horizon.
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A drop in U.S. oil inventories has helped oil prices stay more or less steady, Reuters reports. The biggest factor supporting oil prices has been Turkey’s threat to cut off oil exports from Kurdistan, and this past Monday, the price of oil came close to $60/barrel for the first time since June 2015.

U.S. Dollar Index Rises, Precious Metals Fall

Gold and silver prices fell to four-week lows as the U.S. dollar index climbed to a five-week high, fueled by the expectation that the Feds will hike up interest rates again, Reuters reports.
As Stuart Burns wrote earlier this morning, “Trump’s United Nations speech threatening annihilation on North Korea failed to support the gold price, as investors took a cue from central bank announcements that the Fed intends to start unwinding its multi-trillion dollar balance sheet in October.”

A New Renewable Energy Source?

Could 70% of U.S. energy come from plain old H2O? According to new research, energy from water evaporation could provide a staggering 325 gigawatts of power.
At the heart of this system are Bacillus subtilis spores that curl in response to evaporating water. When the spores are stuck to a piece of tape, the tape contracts as the spores curl. A team of Columbia University scientists experimented with floating a shuttered structure on top of the water, allowing the water condensation to be captured and the process to continue. The force generated, Newsweek explains, can be turned into electricity.
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Let’s not defund science research, shall we?

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