Best of 2017: The Top 10 Most-Viewed Stories on MetalMiner

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The year is coming to a close, which means it’s a perfect time to look back before saying goodbye to 2017.

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So, before we turn the calendar over to 2018, let’s take a look back at the top 10 most-viewed stories here on MetalMiner:

  1. 3 Reasons Why Aluminum Prices Will Rise in 2017.” This January post proved to be popular for MetalMiner readers and aluminum watchers (and indeed, it has been a big year for the metal).

  2. Steel Prices: Cold-Rolled Coil Hits a 5-Year High, Will They Continue to Rise?” This March post on CRC also proved to have some serious longevity.

  3. “2017 Steel Market Outlook: Strong Demand for Flat Products Expected.” Surprise, surprise — early-year outlooks, especially about steel, were popular among readers.

  4. “The Land Rover Defender Will Rise From the Ashes… With an Aluminum Frame.” Everybody loves a good automotive product update — especially when it has to do with aluminum in automobiles.

  5. Section 232 Potential Outcomes, Impact Becoming More Clear.” Section 232 mania was in full swing this summer, as many expected a decision from the Trump administration at the end of June — one which never came, of course. The Section 232 steel deadline approaches on Jan. 15, 2018.

  6. How Far Can Steel Price Spreads, US Steel Prices Rise in 2017?” Everyone wants to know the price of steel.

  7. Why Most Analysts’ 2017 Copper Price Forecasts are Wrong.” An early look at copper price projections proved to be a popular post.

  8. Copper Price Forecast, July 2017: Strikes to Increase Global Deficit.” Sticking with the copper theme, this July post touching on the looming specter of strikes was another frequently viewed post on MetalMiner.

  9. Steel Prices Could Surge in 2017 as China Tackles Pollution.” You couldn’t go long in 2017 without reading something about China, capacity cuts and pollution.

  10. Zinc Price Forecast, May 2017: Demand, Supply Trending Up.” Readers were also interested in the price of zinc.

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