Happy Labor Day From MetalMiner!

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To our U.S. readers, we here at MetalMiner wish everyone a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

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The next couple of days will be busy ones here at MetalMiner. Keep an eye out for the release of our usual Monthly Metals Outlook (MMO) report. Then, also keep an eye out for our big annual report, which offers a more expansive view of the various metals categories tracked in our MMO.

On top of all that, also keep an eye out for our usual Monthly Metals Index (MMI) reports, which will get rolling this week.

Until then, enjoy the Labor Day weekend. With the official end of summer drawing near, let’s take a look back at the most popular posts of the summer season (for the purposes of this, that’s June-August):

  1. Raw Steels MMI: Steel Prices Sit at More Than Seven-Year High

  2. Raw Steels MMI: Domestic Steel Price Momentum Continues to Grow

  3. Stainless Steel MMI: Stainless Surcharges, LME Nickel Prices Rise

  4. Aluminum MMI: LME Aluminum Drops, Midwest Premium at Four-Year High

  5. India’s Coal Shortage is U.S. Miners’ Gain

  6. AI Firm Noodle.ai Brings Expertise Into the World of Metal Manufacturing

  7. Dropping Zinc Prices Get a Boost From Chinese Smelter Cuts

  8. Aluminum MMI: LME Aluminum Prices Lead the Way

  9. Stainless Steel MMI: LME Nickel Prices Fall While Stainless Surcharges Rise

  10. Copper MMI: LME Copper Prices Continue Downtrend

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