MetalMiner's Insights for Strategic Metal-Buying in 2013

MetalMiner MMI Year In Review 2012 whitepaperIf you’ve been following our Monthly MMI series over the past year – and even if you haven’t – we’ve put together a handy year-in-review for you:

The Monthly MMI 2012 Year-In-Review: Translating Price Trends Into Metal Sourcing Strategies

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MetalMiner has analyzed the metal price trends of our 10 monthly indexes — the MMI — to come up with tactical advice for all sizes of manufacturing OEMs and a range of other companies.

MetalMiner Overall MMI Price Trends - 2012 chartWe’ve tried to anticipate your company’s questions to help you manage your commodity risk. For example, some of the questions we tackle in the paper:

  • What does intra-month metal price volatility suggest from a spot-buying perspective?
  • Which metals should I hedge, or look to hedge, based on the MMI results?
  • Can you give me some ideas on how I ought to incorporate the MMIs into my own buying strategies?

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Happy forecasting!

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