About MetalMiner

MetalMiner uniquely helps metal buyers mitigate price risk and reduce cost. Other sites have metal price data, but MetalMiner is No. 1 in metals price forecasting — giving subscribers tangible, real-time buying recommendations on how much and when to buy.

What Sets Us Apart

Here’s why nobody does metals price forecasting better than MetalMiner.

It all starts with the company’s DNA. The founders are Lisa Reisman, a third generation metals expert who has owned and operated her own aluminum trading company, and Stuart Burns, Managing Director of two metals trading companies. They are not economists or analysts; they have sat at the negotiation table to sell or buy metals.

Since founding MetalMiner more than 15 years ago, Lisa and Stuart have built a diverse and motivated team, including metal-buying industry veterans, mechanical engineers, research analysts and global metal experts to advance the MetalMiner toolsets and capabilities:

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Our Team

Lisa Reisman MetalMinerLisa Reisman – Founder/Executive Editor
A third-generation metals enthusiast, Lisa is co-founder and executive editor of MetalMiner CEO of MetalMiner parent company, Azul Partners. – Read full bio.
stuart burns metalminerStuart Burns – Founder/Editor-at-large
Stuart has over 35 years of international metal supply experience including ten years running a metals distribution business with sales in 26 countries on five continents. He is considered an expert in global metals trading and sourcing. – Read full bio.
don hauser metalminerDon Hauser – Vice President, Business Solutions
Don negotiated over $300m of annual global steel purchases for John Deere Corp. and achieved a $34m cost savings over two years when compared to historical purchasing practices. He has executed purchasing strategies in Brazil, Mexico, Europe and the US and maintains strong relationships with both steel producers and service centers, and is considered one of the world’s foremost expert steel buyers. Don has both his bachelor’s in manufacturing engineering and MBA from Western Illinois University.
Belinda FullerBelinda Fuller — Forecasting Research Analyst
Belinda earned her B.A. in Psychology from Kent State University and her M.A. in Economics from the Maxwell School of Public Administration at Syracuse University in upstate New York. Then she headed to Southeast Asia where she worked in the areas of trade, industrial, and investment policies as a research manager and analyst with Thailand Development Research Institute. After relocating to Chicago, she mostly worked in marketing but has happily returned to her analytical roots as a Forecasting Research Analyst.
Marcos BrionesMarcos Briones — Product Development Data Analyst
Marcos completed his dual master’s degree in industrial engineering and operations from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He now serves as a product development data analyst at MetalMiner and Spend Matters. He holds a BSc and Master in Industrial engineer (concentration in Supply Chain & Management engineer) from the Technical University of Madrid.
Katie PicciolaKatie Picciola — Client Services
Katie recently graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in integrated marketing and communications. She has worked as a freelance content creator and executed a range of marketing projects for NorthShore University Health System. In her spare time at school, Katie competed in national sales competitions and led her school’s chapter to a 2nd place finish out of 50 chapters nationwide.
Fouad Egbaria — Editor, MetalMiner.com
Fouad joined the MetalMiner team as its newest editor, coming from a journalism background. He previously covered local news in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He holds a BA in English from the University of Michigan and an MA from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. – Read full bio.

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