Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor used to go around Long Island ex-Cauliflower Capital of the World — with his brother and strip refrigerators, washing machines and dryers of metal. Eventually they got in trouble, because once the trash hits the curb, it becomes town property. And so the boys were caught “stealing from the recycling program (mind you, the kids were 11 and 9 years old). So Jack and his brother started asking neighbors if they had any metal scrap and they received tons of it. Jack’s dad, who was a plumber, would take the kids (and the scrap) with him to Gershow in Bayshore, N.Y., or Chauncey’s in Holbrook when he had enough scrap copper and brass from plumbing jobs. Jack and his brother started recycling so much, the town wanted them to get a license¦so that ended Jack’s career as a scrap dealer.

When Jack and his brother got older, they worked with their dad and stripped the old cast iron out of buildings to be replaced. Jack took the job of breaking up the concrete¦but that proved to be the fool’s job. After all, no sane person would have taken that job if one had to smell what’s inside a 10-inch, 100-year old “waste pipe (word to the wise — don’t ever get what’s in there on your skin; it would make a skunk cry). This all started because Jack’s father was also a master electrician. At the age of five, Jack and his brother started helping strip old Romex of copper scrap. The kids received lollipops for every bucket they filled with copper talk about suckers!