Lisa Reisman – Founder/Executive Editor, MetalMiner

lisa reisman metalminerLisa Reisman, a third-generation metals enthusiast, tried several times to leave the metals industry for something more glamorous, but she just couldn’t seem to bring herself do it.

Her great-grandfather started Presmet, the first US metal powder-press company in the United States, in Worcester, MA. Presmet was sold to GKN Sinter Metals several years ago; in 2007, GKN Sinter Metals, in complete disregard for Presmet’s place in metals history, had the nerve to shut the doors on Presmet’s operation.

Lisa’s grandfather, a metallurgist, was General Manager of Lavin & Sons in Chicago during and after WWII. Her grandfather’s claim to fame was the specialty blended alloys he developed to produce ammunition during the war.

Lisa began trading semi-finished aluminum metals in June of 1994 after earning her Master’s degree in Public Administration (of all things) at New York University. (It was there that she ended up working for a shady aluminum trader who turned out to have the Russian mob after him, but that’s another story.)

Lisa eventually went on to the supply-chain management practices of Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, where she earned the nickname “Shredder” (that’s an Enron, not a metal-scrap, reference). She then went on to Deloitte Consulting. She has worked with a range of industrial manufacturing firms including Caterpillar, Motorola, Johnson Controls, Sanford Office Products, Hamilton Beach, Proctor-Silex and others.

In some instances, Lisa provided strategy advice often helping firms make (or in some cases, not make) investments in supplier relationship management, eMarkets, sourcing and product development technologies. But she has primarily worked in the area of cost reduction helping firms remove costs from their global supply chains.

In 2004, the CEO of a Tier 1 automotive company challenged her to save his company some money, so Lisa formed Aptium Global with partner Stuart Burns. The rest is history. Lisa’s also on Google+.

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