Nate Burgos

Nate Burgos has provided design direction and support to Aptium Global and MetalMiner since the company launched in 2004. Introduced to us by the world-renowned photographer, Michelle Litvin, Nate has designed every white paper, presentation, brochure, business card and website we have ever created. Nate attended the Institute of Design (IIT) and helped design the user interface of the MetalMiner IndX(SM) application. He is simply one of the most talented fellows in the business. We asked Nate to contribute posts on design, architecture and art with the caveat that the content must focus on metals. Nate has delivered and we hope his posts inspire you.

Nate authors the design webliography Design Feast and blogs at Design Feaster and Design Thought Leader. He can be reached at design(dot)feast (at) gmail (dot) com.