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Calling all MetalMiner readers in direct procurement – we’ve got a webinar for you this Thursday, Feb. 13, from 1-2pm CT (2-3pm ET):


Supplier management is near and dear to our overall coverage of the procurement and supply chain market across the Spend Matters Network.

But let’s face it – you’re busy doing other stuff, and supplier management is rarely a priority by itself.

As much as the entire Spend Matters team has shown irrational exuberance around supplier management tools since they went mainstream a few years ago, we admit that things like maintaining a clean vendor master and on-boarding new suppliers as seamlessly as possible often falls down the priority list compared to near-term sourcing wins.

Yet for manufacturers, supplier management represents the one central technology area that can enable organizations to systematically reduce supply chain risk, improve supplier quality, and develop the right set of suppliers to drive overall product innovation.

Not only that, supplier management can be a massive enabler for spend analytics, e-sourcing, supply chain network design, category management, transactional procurement, e-invoicing, and trade financing. (Whew!)

Join us this Thursday as we explore 10 ways that supplier management can be the critical stealth enabler for procurement organizations of all kinds, acting as a force multiplier on virtually all of your other procurement, accounts payable, treasury, and risk management initiatives. We’ll be sure to pay special attention to specific use cases for manufacturing organizations.

We’ll even cover elements of how to build a basic business case and ROI model for supplier management – and you’ll see how to cover your costs for such initiatives just by making accounts payable and transactional procurement types happy.

This webinar is free for all procurement practitioners (as well as all Spend Matters Plus/PRO subscribers). Can’t make it? Sign up and we’ll send you the replay details to watch on your own schedule – all you have to do is click below:

10 Ways Supplier Management is a Stealth Enabler for Procurement, A/P, and Risk Management

Thursday, February 13, 2014

1-2pm Central

Undoubtedly, the areas of supplier development and supplier relations are slipping relative to the popularity of other forms of direct vendor engagement.

The fundamental question we’ve asked ourselves is this: Can Supplier Management Be Saved? We try to answer it in this MetalMiner/Spend Matters research download – free, with registration. Featuring MetalMiner and Spend Matters PRO analysis of the supplier management market, the PDF includes three individual research briefs:

  • Honda Ltd. Slipping in Supplier Relations, According to New Report (Lisa Reisman, Executive Editor, MetalMiner)
  • Toyota Motor Corp, BMW Blaze Trail in Automotive OEM-Supplier Relations (Lisa Reisman, Executive Editor, MetalMiner)
  • Can Supplier Management Be Saved? The Problems with SIM, SRM, and Risk Management (Jason Busch, Executive Editor, Spend Matters; Thomas Kase, Principal Analyst, Spend Matters)

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Thomas Kase, third from left, enlightened the audience on what technology can do for them at Conflict Minerals EDGE.

Spend Matters and MetalMiner research suggests that technology should be key in assessing and managing conflict minerals compliance. But the landscape – and noise generated by a number of providers – can be quite confusing.

This post was originally published on Spend Matters.

Thomas Kase shared during his presentation yesterday that there are several categories and classes of solution that can help drive conflict minerals compliance, including the following types of tools: contract management, sales/order management, supplier management, product/product lifecycle management, sourcing, and third-party data enrichment.

Thomas noted that supplier management tools (combined with third-party data enrichment) will be central to most conflict minerals compliance efforts, yet at the same time, many companies may need multiple solutions depending on specific requirements, industries, and customer expectations.

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Lawrence Heim, Director of The Elm Consulting Group International, kicked off Conflict Minerals EDGE with a presentation exploring practical strategies and approaches for conflict minerals compliance.

He began by suggesting the importance of having a strategy that mirrors what your customers have to deal with (for those not at the highest levels of the supply chain already). Even if you’re not directly impacted by regulations in terms of your own SEC reporting, you will be based on the requirements for traceability in the supply chain.

So you need to think like your customers.

In other words, if you’re involved in any aspect of the manufacturing supply chain involving conflict minerals (tin, tungsten, gold, tantalum, etc.) usage in any capacity: yes, this is your problem too!

More at Spend Matters.

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From the executive editor of MetalMiner’s sister site Spend Matters:

pierre mitchell headshot linkedinWe’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Pierre Mitchell has joined MetalMiner’s parent company, Azul Partners, as a managing director and chief research officer of Spend Matters.

Pierre will lead procurement research activities and also shares broader solution development responsibilities for intellectual property creation and firm strategy. This includes efforts to build new types of interactive and social communities, including the evolution of Spend Matters, Spend Matters PRO, MetalMiner, and other digital assets that fall under Azul Partners’ umbrella.

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