Compliance Kit Overview

CMCheckPoint℠ Conflict Minerals Compliance Kits are available today, starting at $499.
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MetalMiner is pleased announce our Conflict Minerals Compliance Kits, built to assist in your conflict minerals program development. If you are an OEM, a supplier to OEMs or a supply chain professional working on compliance with SEC regulation and OECD Due Diligence for Conflict Minerals, we want to help! We offer two unique downloadable kits, as well as consulting time to assist with the success of your compliance programs.


These low-cost, easy-to-implement compliance programs were built to help you reduce use/cost of external consultants, and help you focus your resources where they are needed. These kits can be used as a supplement to existing efforts by creating a ‘second opinion’ in program review. Both the JumpStart Kit and the full Compliance Kit offer step-by-step instructions with a detailed project plan that leverages the experience of leading companies and experts in the field that are currently working on compliance issues. These kits support strategies based on basic and leading-edge compliance. IT department involvement is not required.

What Makes These Compliance Kits Unique

  • The kits are conformance/strategy assessment tools – NOT a Reasonable Country Of Origin Inquiry (RCOI)/Due Diligence data collection tracking tool or a supplier engagement system
  • The full Compliance Kit has been updated to incorporate the SEC’s May 30, 2013 FAQs, and offers a detailed table of contents of the Federal Register publication of the final rule
  • These kits are backed by MetalMiner

If you have just begun to consider your strategy and program scope or have initiated your conflict minerals program development or implementation, these kits will help you reach successful compliance.

If you need high-level guidance on your current programs or need deep-dive reviews of specific program elements, consider utilizing our ‘Ask-the-Expert’, Lawrence Heim.