Custom Metal Sourcing Intelligence, Strategies and Services

The MetalMiner mission is to help metal buying organizations manage volatility, smooth earnings and capture additional EPS and EBITDA improvements. Our team of industry experts, with P&L experience and mill-direct negotiation experience, is complemented by data analysts; the kind that leverage AI and machine learning to advance MetalMiner data analysis, insights, tools and services.

In addition to working with OEM’s, MetalMiner works with producers, mills, and distributors daily and maintains an extensive global industry network. We’ve honed metal purchasing strategies throughout our careers and developed innovations in metal pricing, forecasting, and benchmarking to optimize metal sourcing practices.

The MetalMiner metal buying experts can be an extension of your team.

When working with a client, we begin by doing an assessment to understand your purchasing strategy and benchmark how you buy. Then we can identify specific metal sourcing strategies to help you achieve optimal results.

Available services can include:

  • Managed sourcing (we manage price discovery and negotiate contract terms on your behalf)
  • Correlation analysis (for niche metals markets)
  • Tailored (global) market intelligence
  • Customized executive reports
  • Workshops and training (for simple to complex negotiation strategies, portfolio strategies, index and hedging strategies, supplier consolidation, managing volatility, etc.)
  • Providing more competitive bids to customers
  • Expediting savings assessments and sourcing waves
  • Assessing the value of existing and potential deals (Private Equity)

MetalMiner works with a variety of metal-buying manufacturing organizations. Interested in working with MetalMiner experts directly? Contact us to discuss your needs.