US Manufacturers’ Guide to Conflict Minerals Compliance

A-Z Guide to SEC Conflict Minerals Compliance for Manufacturers

MetalMiner presents the most comprehensive guide to conflict minerals compliance for US manufacturing companies to-date, featuring in-depth analysis, an overview of supporting technologies and an A-Z guide of exact metal forms affected by the SEC rules.

Sponsored by NucorD&B, and  Supply Dynamics, the MetalMiner paper tackles two key “firsts” of conflict minerals compliance including:

  • An overview of specific technology approaches for companies needing to comply with Section 1502 of Dodd-Frank
  • A specific “A-to-Z” guide — of semi-finished forms of metal containing conflict minerals and their derivatives

The information and perspectives in this comprehensive report are unavailable anywhere else on the market, and, it’s important to note, fill a more specific niche than those previously published by the legal sector. In other words, what you’ll find in MetalMiner’s definitive guide is purposely geared towards today’s metal buyers in the manufacturing sector.

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