Four Reasons to Buy MetalMiner Price Perspectives

  1. Actionable insights and road signs – all of our price reports, unlike our competitors, provide you with a road map of the key price drivers for each metal as well as road signs to watch for on-going price forecasting
  2. We include a global analysis – And use data from our proprietary MetalMiner IndX(SM). We don’t think you can just look at price trends in the US without looking at the price trends for that same metal globally, as global pricing and demand is essential to forecasting regional pricing
  3. Detailed production cost models – To our knowledge, we are the only company that provides detailed production cost models, where possible, giving you total cost insight into what comprises a ton of steel or a ton of aluminum
  4. Reports written by MetalMiner commentators – We haven’t outsourced the writing of these reports. If you read Stuart Burns and Lisa Reisman on a daily basis then you know we write from having been in your shoes for decades, buying, sourcing and trading metals

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