Free Report on Commodity Volatility

Leading manufacturing organizations are actively looking for ways to better manage commodity volatility – not only through a better understanding of underlying market trends, but also through analysis of the specific drivers that most closely correlate to price trends. Price trends, of course, depend on myriad factors, some of which lay outside of the control of the sourcing organization. Heck, just the political landscape has created additional uncertainty around energy costs, global trade, stimulus programs as well as conflict minerals, suggesting the procurement function must transform into a global intelligence center.

We here at MetalMiner and Spend Matters have selected some of what we think are the most helpful posts and articles tackling the subject of commodity volatility. This compendium serves as a companion piece to our upcoming Commodity Edge: Sourcing Intelligence for the New Normal conference to be hold March 19 and 20 in Chicago. Participants will also learn ways to manage the P&L, create longer forward-price visibility, reduce risk and ensure ongoing continuity of supply.

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