Free Report: How BHP Billitons, Rio Tintos Can Mitigate International Trade Risk, Cut Costs


As the BHP Billitons and Rio Tintos of the world (and many other large miners, traders, distributors and manufacturers) expand to newer markets such as Africa, Mongolia or the Middle East, minimizing international trade risk – namely, ensuring the security of the international trade process while reducing working capital when shipping raw materials/other commodities – is extremely important.

For large players that have established themselves as world-class trade operators, the benefits of streamlining international trade processes appear significant – for example, improvements in working capital, reduced days sales outstanding (DSO) and lower inventory.

In this FREE report, we take a closer look at those processes, including:

  • How a large oil company was able to completely eliminate demurrage charges from a shipping lane, and how a large mining company shipping $30m worth of iron ore per shipment cut finance costs, drastically improving annual cost savings
  • How letters of indemnity pass real risk from the exporter to the international trade value chain – but what happens if somebody other than your designated party gets your goods before payment is made?
  • How procurement managers or CFOs can quickly add tens of thousands – perhaps even millions – to working capital (depending on the volume and dollar value of exports)

Large traders, mining companies, global distributors of ferroalloys and large manufacturers have begun the shift to electronic trading environments. This report analyzes many of the business issues surrounding international trade and presents a case of moving toward an electronic presentation environment.

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