July 26, 2017 11am - 3pm CT|625 North Michigan Ave, Chicago|$499 pp, max 25 seats

Every summer, metal buyers approach MetalMiner for help in setting next year’s budget.
We typically refer to our Monthly Outlook reports and Annual Outlook issued each Fall; or to our self-service benchmarking tool, allowing you to compare metals by form, alloy, grade and size.

This year, we have a tailored workshop to help you set your 2018 metals budget:
Benchmark your current metals spend by form, alloy, grade and size (and get a tailored report with feedback on the prices you are paying for the specific industrial metals you buy)

Apply MetalMiner’s 2018 forecasting insights to lower your average costs, covering:


Gain leverage through specific buying strategies for the key metals you buy

Max. 25 participants on first-come, first-served basis
Lower your 2018 metals costs

Program Details

11:00 AM | Forecasting to Lower Your Average Costs
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Lisa Reisman, Founder & CEO, MetalMiner

Most forecasts are notoriously wrong...but not MetalMiner’s.

MetalMiner constantly monitors markets, understands the major factors influencing price and has a great track record identifying good opportunities to hedge or forward buy metals. Lisa explains the MetalMiner methods - arming you with the most accurate metals price forecasting strategies to save money or avoid unnecessary spend on your metal purchases.

12:00 PM | MetalMiner’s 2018 Forecast and Short-Term Forecast Briefing
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Lisa Reisman, Founder & CEO, MetalMiner
Stuart Burns, Editor-at-Large, MetalMiner

Hear MetalMiner’s comprehensive industry outlook and average metal price forecast first-hand for all major metals (ferrous and non-ferrous: aluminum, copper, CRC, HDG, HRC, lead, nickel, plate, tin). Lisa and Stuart are ready to interact with you and delve deeper into pricing of the industrial metals you actually purchase.

1:00 PM | Analyzing Your Customized Benchmark Results and Setting Your 2018 Buying Strategies
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Lisa Reisman, Founder & CEO, MetalMiner
Katie Benchina Olsen, Senior Analyst, Stainless Steel, MetalMiner
Stuart Burns, Editor-at-Large, MetalMiner

Before the workshop, you are invited to securely submit the top metals and quantities you buy (by type, grade, form, size). MetalMiner will run a customized metals price benchmark report to provide you transparent pricing for the specific metals you purchase).

Benchmark reports are the basis for these facilitated discussions: Facilitators will discuss specific buying strategies by metal to give you leverage (Note: report results are private and won’t be discussed).


Lisa Reisman

Lisa Reisman

Founder & CEO, MetalMiner
Stuart Burns

Stuart Burns

Editor-at-Large, MetalMiner
Katie Benchina Olsen

Katie Benchina Olsen

Senior Analyst, Stainless Steel, MetalMiner

Benefits include:

  • First look at the 2018 MetalMiner Annual Outlook Guide (PDF)
  • Get a customized Metals Benchmarking Report – exclusive and specific to your company
  • Receive the current MetalMiner Monthly Outlook report
Lunch is included.
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