MetalMiner IndX Introduction

MetalMiner IndX Updated daily with over 600 price points from domestic and multiple international markets, MetalMiner IndXSM is an invaluable tool for metals sourcing professionals!

If your company sources any product that contains steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, ferro alloys, precious metals, rare earth metals, minor metals, or if you engage in global scrap trading and consume scrap as a significant cost input, you need MetalMiner IndXSM.

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Armed with MetalMiner IndXSM, companies can:

  • Obtain specific price trends to aid in negotiations
  • Identify whether a global supplier’s price increase is justified
  • Discover global metal price arbitrage opportunities
  • Determine when to hedge a particular purchase
  • Conduct price forecasting and/or develop forecasting models with MetalMiner IndXSM historical data
  • Price products cost-competitively (an added benefit to producers)

MetalMiner IndX

MetalMiner IndXSM provides visibility to domestic and global metal prices, in many cases allowing users to see the actual daily local market prices for raw and semi-finished materials.

Unlike other metal price services, MetalMiner IndXSM subscribers can:

  • Access all price points from all regions
  • Chart all historical information using .csv or PDF files
  • Receive customized email alerts and notifications when metals reach price thresholds
  • Share login and password information, if using a Web-based subscription

Metal analysts, consultants, ETF traders, hedge funds and financial services firms can also use MetalMiner IndXSM to track market changes.

This data is gathered in a variety of ways, including: the translation of daily market data from different countries; our own proprietary indexes (e.g. GOES); mill price announcements; MetalMiner’s proprietary algorithms; and published prices and pricing from industry traders and participants.

The MetalMiner IndXSM is published daily by 2:00 pm CDT.