Sarah Palin and her Titanium Glasses

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I like to consider myself an amateur policy wonk (I actually have an advanced degree in the stuff though I’ve never used it). So the notion of writing a blog column about a vice presidential candidate’s glasses, seems well, rather, fluffy to say the least. On the other hand, this blog site is dedicated to the metals industry so when an articulate, attractive, and barely-heard-of Sarah Palin stepped onto center stage last week, who would have thought she’d start a fashionista feeding frenzy largely around her choice of Kawasaki titanium screw-less glasses!

But that’s exactly what she did as the LA Times, USA Today, and the Sun Sentinal all reported. And whether you like Palin’s politics or not, when someone can generate shortages of consumer products during their coming out party, well, it’s got to be a little bit newsworthy right?

We’ll cover Sarah Palin in greater detail this week though we’ll leave the fashionista commentary to the likes of People Magazine or US Weekly. Instead, we’ll examine Palin’s legislative history with the metals industry and what a McCain/Palin ticket could mean for metals and global trade. And to paint a completely fair picture, we’ll wrap with an Obama/Biden analysis on their positions regarding the metals industry and global trade. Stay tuned.

–Lisa Reisman

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