Green Irony in the Humvee Acquisition

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We don’t know about you, but to us there’s more than a subtle sense of irony in the sale of Hummer to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinary Company, a Chinese concern. After all, the Chinese have long blamed US consumerism and excess for contributing to an unsustainable level of carbon emissions (never mind the fact they’ve profited handsomely from supporting the excess of purchases ” or that, according to the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency’s report, that China choked past the US in overall C02 emissions for the first time by over 7% in 2006.)

One wonders when after Hummer settles in under Chinese control, whether or not the most certainly state-influenced private company will put its metal where its party mouthpiece is and attempt to produce greener vehicles. In our view, it’s unlikely, without ripping at the very fabric of the brand. Hummer has come to symbolize the over-sized world of gas guzzling excess, delivering vehicles that make some light aircraft look miserly by comparison.

Perhaps from a carbon emissions perspective things could be worse. Even though China will take management control over to its own mainland, it still plans to maintain Hummer’s US production facilities and auxiliary support functions. Which mean that they won’t be using energy derived from their environmentally wanting coal plants to build vehicles ” at least for now. Regardless, the irony should be lost on no one that the pot that called the kettle black is now stoking the anti-sustainability flames themselves. And besides — who needs cap and trade or carbon offsets when your monster truck can do this.

Jason Busch

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  1. Chris Ronk says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of driving big fancy cars although I wouldn’t categorize myself as a hater. I hope the Chinese have better luck than we did with the brand. I somehow doubt it though.

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