MetalMiner Co-Chairs Critical Metals Conference This Fall

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MetalMiner will co-chair a conference this fall covering the strategic supply outlook for a range of metals used in renewable energy technologies, aerospace, automotive, electronics, military, pharmaceutical and cleantech, among others.   The metals covered include: Rare Earth, Minor Metals, Platinum Group Metals, and Lithium.

The conference, the first of its kind, combines two unique audiences ” supply side experts including leading rare earth mining firms, scientists and experts and manufacturers representing the demand side of the equation. Conference participants will gain a deeper understanding of the supply market constraints within these critical metals categories as well as hear industry experts discuss potential risk mitigation and sourcing strategies.

MetalMiner is pleased to offer readers a 10% discount. Additional details about the conference, to be held Oct 20-22 in Washington DC, can be found here.

We hope to meet some of you in person in October!

–Lisa Reisman

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