MetalMiner Achieves Top 100 Green Rating from Technorati

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Technorati is to bloggers what Google is to everyone else¦.it’s a search engine that blog sites like MetalMiner examine to better understand how content stacks up compared to other blog sites.   The site tracks both, “the authority and influence of blogs, but also the most comprehensive and current index of who and what is most popular in the Blogosphere, so some of you may be as surprised as we were to learn that MetalMiner has been ranked by Technorati as a Top 100 Green blog!

Never in a million years (and for anyone that personally knows me) would I have set out to achieve that particular goal. It’s not that I’m horribly non-green (though I must confess I am certainly laughing while reading about the latest climate change debacle) but when one thinks of metals, logic doesn’t just doesn’t extend to green, at least for me anyways. But then again, many MetalMiner readers, metals buyers for a broad range of industrial, aerospace, transportation, equipment, oil and gas among other industries have started to pay quite a lot of attention to sustainability, green initiatives and new product development as they relate to various clean-tech industries. And as all of you know, many of these innovations require the use of, in some cases, alternative metals, rare earth metals, strategic metals and of course plain old industrial metals. So in a sense, it can’t come as a surprise that we may end up anointed as a “green blog despite our opinions on cap and trade, why the Chinese may hoard rare earths and how the UK government has poorly planned its renewable energy policy.

So, we graciously accept the acknowledgment and will continue to cover metal developments (and alternative points of view) and how they impact buying organizations across all industries, green, brown and otherwise.

–Lisa Reisman

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  1. RRR says:

    Well congratulations! It looks like you will be spared the audience with Torquemada now that you have found the one true religion.

  2. francis says:

    Have you seen all the latest news about the exciting strides being made with clean , green ,renewable geothermal heat and cooling pumps , using the constant temperature just a few feet under the earth? It’s so worth looking into!!!

  3. francis says:

    Great site-we need to all keep the good information about geothermal energy going-all the best to you.

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