MetalMiner and Metalwest’s Steel Outlook – Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Webinar

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MetalMiner has a tradition of providing insightful webinars for metals sourcing managers and other professionals, and the trend will certainly continue in 2011.

Indeed, with the metals markets once again entering a highly volatile period of unpredictable movement, companies can use all the help they can get from experienced analysts. Lisa Reisman, MetalMiner’s founder, will team up with Tim Maierhofer, a general manager at Metalwest, to provide a steel outlook and get to the bottom of the question: What can your suppliers do for you to improve your bottom line?

I recently chatted with Lisa to get a sense of what participants can look forward to on January 27.

Q: How will this webinar be different from previous MetalMiner webinars?

A: We are doing two things differently this time around. In previous metal market outlooks, we haven’t ventured into providing price forecasts. This time around, we will offer up some forecasts, as well as our analysis of underlying raw material costs.

The second part of the webinar, and the one in which we are most excited about involves lean supplier management as it relates to metals. With our consulting practice, we often had clients interested in pursuing lean supply programs with their metal suppliers but we have under-reported this supply management solution. Metalwest, our sponsor, has an active lean supplier program and we’re excited to share some specific lean strategies and tactics.

Q: How will recent global trade and political developments play into this webinar?

A: For a change, we’re going to steer clear of most of the political and global trade drama not that it doesn’t impact steel in particular but we’re not going to cover “the issues per se. However, we will definitely look at the macroeconomic environment and trends to examine how some of the ferrous metal underlying markets may fare in 2011.

Q: What is the one takeaway you’d like participants to come away with?

A: We are big believers in “takeaways, and my guess is attendees will walk away with several, including: insight as to where steel prices are headed for 2011 and perhaps as important, the rationale behind the outlook. Second, we’ve attended and seen many programs around lean supply chain but very few geared specifically toward manufacturers with metal buys. We think Metalwest’s unique lean supply management programs will provide many new profit enhancing ideas for metal-buying OEMs interested in “leaning their metal supply chains.

The free webinar will be presented Thursday, January 27 from 10-11 am CDT.

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–Taras Berezowsky

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