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Are you an analyst or consultant working in a niche metal market? Do you specialize in researching or writing about a particular kind of metal application? Are you a pundit with unique market perspectives on non-metal issues?

In other words, are you intimately familiar with concepts and trends that hardly anyone knows about but should know about?

If the answer’s yes, then, quite simply: We want you.

We’re interested in having guest contributors submit content to MetalMiner on an ongoing basis.

As a contributor, you’d have great exposure to one of the largest metal buying audiences in the world. MetalMiner offers some of the highest traffic numbers, and our readers ranging from buyers to suppliers to investors come from diverse sectors all over the globe. MetalMiner can also help you bolster your own brand and readership by linking to your own sites and practices.

Ideally, we’d love to work with:

  • Experts in their fields
  • Economists
  • Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Researchers
  • Academics

Who have:

  • Insight into particular niches
  • A nose for finding refreshing angles
  • A vision beyond a regurgitated PR pitch

So, whether you know the GOES steel market inside and out, explore esoteric WTO regulations, or have an ear to the ground for the latest innovations in mining technologies — or anything along those lines — let us know!

Please contact Lisa Reisman at lreisman(at)agmetalminer(dot)com

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