MetalMiner and Zycus Collaborate on Commodity Video Series

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of MetalMiner Sourcing Outlook, brought to you by Zycus.


In each episode of this web-only show, MetalMiner Editor Lisa Reisman brings you a concise yet comprehensive outlook on the commodities and metals markets, as well as an exclusive one-on-one interview with personalities working within the commodities sphere. Once the show schedule truly gets rolling, MetalMiner and Zycus endeavor to bring you an episode of MetalMiner Sourcing Outlook once a month.

The current iteration was produced in mid-August, and we’re just releasing it today, here on the blog and on MetalMiner’s YouTube channel.

The goals of the MetalMiner Sourcing Outlook series include:

  • Providing the viewer with valuable, actionable sourcing commentary in an interesting format that will give him a leg up in his role as a sourcing professional, investor, analyst or simply well-informed individual
  • Delivering a diverse range of segments, touching on metals, energy, international trade, and government and economic policy
  • Doing all the above with a dynamic, engaging presentation while remaining accessible and not taking ourselves too seriously

Be sure to keep an eye out for future episodes on the MetalMiner home page, where we will update them as they become available.

Enjoy, and check back in for the next episode!

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  1. This surely makes great sense to anyone

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