Appetite For Steel Brakes to a Halt…For One Man

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Source: STV

While in our earlier Friday post we gave over digital inches of our blog to actual tragedy the horrendous day of 9/11/01 will be forever embedded in our hearts and minds we turn in this post to a tragedy on a more ridiculous scale.

Not to mention kind of funny.

Turns out a Serbian guy, Branko Crnogorac, has retired from eating steel after a long, reportedly illustrious career of doing so. Yep, you read right. The guy eats steel. Or, more accurately, ate steel. Until he ended up in a hospital after choking on a bike pedal.

During his tenure as unofficial King of Commodity Consumption, he reportedly put down 12,000 forks, 25,000 light bulbs, thousands of vinyl records, 2,000 spoons and 2,600 plates.

Crnogorac checked into a hospital after taking a bet to eat a whole bicycle over three days. He started feeling a little ill perhaps that’s because he chomped on a pedal that ‘didn’t agree with him.’ The doctors found over two kilos of “assorted ironware and two gold rings in his stomach.

“I almost died, he said. (Winner for Most Obvious Quote of the Year.) “So after 20 years of eating everything, I’ve realised my digestive system is not as strong as it used to be, so I’ve decided to retire.

Have a great retirement, Branko. Time to eat some oatmeal.

–Taras Berezowsky

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