MetalMiner Birthday Bash Giveaway Winners!

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As a part of our MetalMiner birthday celebration, we decided to hand out a few gifts to thank you, our loyal readers. These gifts included MetalMiner IndX℠ subscriptions and a sponsored, lead-generating webinar.

So, without any further ado, we are pleased to announce the following winners (by company name).

The winners of the MetalMiner IndX℠ subscriptions are…

First Place Prize (1 total prize to 1 winner) – One year’s subscription to the MetalMiner IndX℠ pricing application

NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc.

Second Place Prize (2 total prizes for 2 separate winners) – One six-month subscription to the MetalMiner IndX℠ pricing application.


Westinghouse Nuclear

Third Place Prize (3 total prizes for 3 separate winners) – One single-month subscription to the MetalMiner IndX℠ pricing application.

All Scrap Metals

Sweets, Stevens, Katz, and Williams


Sponsorship of one (1) lead-generating webinar hosted and promoted by MetalMiner

Industrial Metal Supply

Have you won? Yeah! Congrats! We will be contacting you tomorrow with all of the details.

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