US Copper Producer Grade 122 Price Moving Again

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Following a three-day flat streak, US copper producer grade 110 price climbed by 1.4 percent to end at $4.22 per pound on Dec. 28, 2012. The price of US copper producer grade 122 rose by 1.4 percent to $4.22 per pound. The price of US copper producer grade 102 showed little movement last Friday at $4.35 per pound. The Japanese copper cash price was unchanged at JPY 640,000 ($7,397) per metric ton.

Chinese copper prices were mixed for the day. Chinese copper wire prices inched up 0.2 percent to CNY 56,850 ($9,109) per metric ton. Following a two-day rise, the price of Chinese copper bar flattened at CNY 57,700 ($9,246). After a couple of days of improving prices, the Chinese copper cash price held steady at CNY 57,900 ($9,278). The price of Chinese bright copper scrap remained essentially flat at CNY 47,900 ($7,675) per metric ton.

The cash price of primary copper nudged up 1.2 percent on the LME last Friday, closing at $7,897 per metric ton. After a 1.2 percent increase, the copper 3-month price finished the day on the LME at $7,871 per metric ton.

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