If China's Government Were to Hack MetalMiner, What Would They Find?

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Actually, it’s funny – the hypothetical nature of that headline is rather moot, since China has already attempted to hack MetalMiner, with lukewarm results.

(After noticing hacking attempts into both MetalMiner.com and MetalMinerIndX.com, we had to take specific blocking measures to thwart the Chinese IP addresses.)

As far as Chinese hacking is concerned, MetalMiner shares the august company of the New York Times, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal as prime targets of Beijing’s spying efforts.

So what would China’s scheming state-appointed webmasters have found had they successfully tapped into MetalMiner’s treasure trove of commentary for metals buyers?

We can only imagine what Chinese hackers are looking for; but at the end of that day, can we fault them for just wanting to be here, rather than over there?

Nahhh…no hard feelings, guys. We know your government’s sleazy, no surprise there at all – just keep your fiber-optic/carbon-fiber/whatever-the-Interwebs-are-made-of-these-days hands off MetalMiner!

But if you don’t – and we’re sure you’ll keep trying – you’re just giving us that much more to write about.

Photo source: Getty Images via Wall Street Journal

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